How a marketing plan has helped DONE Coffee to approach a new market segment 



DONE Coffee is a coffee company based on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. Surfers by passion, their company has a relaxed vibe, but they are serious about the service that they provide for their customers.

DONE Coffee sells coffee and other complimentary products to cafes around the region and beyond. They also provide training and consulting services to these cafes and have always prided themselves on their commitment to roll up their sleeves and support their customers in every way that they can.

Recently, they decided to grow the business by expanding into the retail market. And while they had been doing bits and pieces with their marketing while working in the business to business space, approaching a new market segment was going to need a little more thought and planning.

So, we worked with the DONE crew to put a marketing strategy and plan together and this was the first time they had done this. So, I thought I would chat to Stewie about how he thought that his marketing strategy and plan would now set them up for marketing success.

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Episode Transcript