Ten things you must know about your customer

The definition of marketing success is getting the right message in front of the right customer at the right time.

So how do we know what that message should be? How do we know what the right customer looks like? And how do we know the right channel and timing to use to place our message in their path so they notice us?

We ask our customers of course.

Your customer has thousands of messages and businesses and people and news and content that’s dropping into their brain each day and forming as their own private perspective based on their lived and learned experiences. In order for your marketing message to make an impact in their already overwhelmed brain, we need to be able to gain a better understanding of their world view and how we can position ourselves within this.

Customer research is a non-negotiable in my marketing planning process. For every marketing plan that I develop, I ensure that we have gone out and asked our customers the right question in order to the insight that we need to effectively plan our marketing.

While every business and every situation differs, there are 10 common questions that we will generally ask in every customer research project.

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