Hey there,

I'm Jane and I love to teach small business owners how to create high impact marketing on a small budget.

I'm based on the Mid North Coast of NSW in a regional town called Port Macquarie and I work with businesses from all over Australia.

I have the great pleasure of doing life with my husband, three kids, our adorable labrador; Salty and our cantankerous cat; Furry. 

I remember the first time I ever worked for a small business ...

I had just taken a marketing role with a friends business. He had a small catering business in Ultimo. 

1997 - 2002

Before this, my BBus (Marketing/Advertising) had taught me the foundations of marketing by referencing case studies derived from international corporations. And before this role, I had really only worked in or with larger corporates (Michael Page International, Coles Myer, McDonalds etc.). 

In those roles, we had the luxury of a full marketing team to meet the marketing goals of the organisation. We had graphic designers, copywriters, media buyers, marketing managers, marketing directors, photographers, you name it! I couldn't get passionate about these roles.


I was so disenfranchised about the world of marketing I decided to start a side hustle selling hand made bags at Bondi Markets - spoiler alert - it was a complete failure! However, it did give me a taste for running my own show!


And so when I sat down next to my new boss in my first role as a small business marketer, it hit me! Oh my - this business's marketing success comes down to just me!

If my marketing fails; my friend doesn't get to pay his mortgage. If I succeed, I get to help him realise his dream of building a successful business.

Crikey, I thought, I'd better pull out all the stops! 

At that very moment, I was hooked. Never had I felt more inspired to create low-cost solutions that would not fail.

We had such a small budget, but that just forced me to be more strategic, more creative and to make sure I measured absolutely everything I did.


Not long after that, we relocated to Port Macquarie and we started adding multiple kids to our family! I began freelancing in between kids sleeps and activities and eventually, in about 2014, I decided to enter the small business world myself and started my marketing agency Dragonfly Marketing.

2014 - 2018

I won my first business award; Woman in Business and went on to win three awards for the small business marketing campaigns that our agency created.


I decided to put pen to paper and write a book; How to do Marketing - A Comprehensive Guide for  Small Businesses


I launch my podcast 'The How to do Marketing Show' and the first round of the How to do Marketing Academy.