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Is public relations (PR) something that you have considered for your small business? Do you know the difference between PR and marketing? (NB this used to be quite a clear difference, but the lines have definitely blurred more recently).

Do you think that PR is something that only bigger businesses can afford?

Well, if any of those questions are keeping you awake at night – this is the podcast episode that will help you sleep more soundly.

Celia Harding is PR hound. With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, Celia has worked with global brands such as Diageo, Mastercard, Google and Harley-Davidson. She's now the Founder of PR Shed, which gives businesses all the tools they need to do their own PR. 

In this episode, Celia reveals the big opportunities that are available for small businesses wanting to utilise PR to get noticed in their market place. She shares some great PR tools and hacks and also warns of mistakes to avoid.

To find out more about PRShed – visit PRshed.com

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