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Fifty things you can do to create high impact marketing on a small budget 

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Hi, I'm Jane

I'm CEO and Founder of the How To Do Marketing Academy.

I'm also a marketing consultant with over 20 years of experience helping small businesses from all around Australia to create high impact marketing on a small budget. 

I'm a Certified Practicing Marketer and a three-times winner of the 'Small Budget' Marketing Award at the Australian Marketing Institute's Awards for Marketing Excellence.

How this guide will help you

I've put together this comprehensive list of tried and tested marketing activities to provide you with an abundance of ideas and inspiration to help with your marketing planning for 2022.

This list was derived from all of the actions that we have taken this year to guide our small business marketing clients to success. 

We are strategic marketers, so we will never just hand out tactical marketing ideas with out recommending actions to consider for optimising your marketing strategy, plan and measurement.


What's in the guide?

Our formula for successful marketing includes a four step marketing process that can be seen below. Our list of fifty things includes suggestions for optimising each one of these vitally important steps.


Optimise your marketing strategy to set you up for success.


Choose the marketing activity that will help you to achieve your goals.


Select from a list of tried and true high impact, low cost marketing tactics


Measure and optimise your marketing to ensure it's driving a return.

Maddison, Marketing Coordinator

Jane has guided us in a well-researched and exciting way to help reach our business goals. Some of these goals include increased engagement, increased followers, and better allocation of budget. Not only has Jane’s work helped our business in the coming business year, but has also taught us skills to carry through our business for the future!

Craig, Managing Director

Jane has opened our eyes to competencies, strategies and tactics we didn’t know existed. She brings an ‘outside the bubble’ perspective to our business and helps us look at ourselves through the eyes of our customers – a perspective that is simply not possible as an insider.

So what are you waiting for?

Stop wasting your time and money implementing marketing that doesn't work.

Make 2022 your year for creating marketing success!

Grab my list of high impact marketing ideas that can be implemented on a small budget today.