How to promote your small business using Google Ads with Ilana Wechsler



Ever wondered how you can drive more traffic to your website?

Well, there are a whole bunch of ways, but one way of driving people with an intention to purchase the type of product or service that you sell is by using Google Search Ads.

Did you know that there are also Google Display ads (that show your ad on different media and other networks such as Sydney Morning Herald etc? 

Then there are YouTube ads and also Google shopping! So many ways. Which one do we choose. In this episode of the How to do Marketing Show, Ilana Wechsler runs us through:

  • The different types of Google advertising available to small businesses
  • When you would use the different types of Google ads
  • How to plan and measure your Google advertising
  • What mistakes to avoid
  • AND if you are outsourcing your Google Advertising - what to ensure that you ask your supplier to ensure that you are not getting ripped off.

Ilana is a former data analyst, turned Pay Per Click marketing expert. An authority in both Google and Facebook advertising, she is the founder of boutique digital agency Green Arrow Digital which has managed over $20 million in Pay Per Click campaigns. 

Now, Ilana runs an online training program, called Teach Traffic, where she teaches business owners exactly how to run profitable digital ad campaigns for themselves, without needing an agency. Ilana is also the host of a popular podcast show called Teach Traffic.

You can connect with Ilana on LinkedIn here.

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Episode Transcript