Some Helpful Copywriting tips for Small Business Owners



Great copy can convert a website visitor into a sale. A humming headline can stop people in their thumb-scrolling social media tracks. 

And bad copy can be down-right disastrous. Long winded, ill-considered copy runs the risk of boring the pants off your reader, and let’s face it, it’s pretty easy for people to click out of your website and into the next one if you have failed to engage them or if you have confused them with your words.

Marketing copywriter Jody Carey joins me today to share her top, very awesome tips for writing copy for some of the typical small business marketing touchpoints; websites, blogs, social media and video scripts.

Jody is a marketer turned copywriter who helps small businesses promote their brand through effective marketing content. 

Jody worked as a communications project manager at 3M in the United States where she was responsible for sales campaigns and product launches of international brands that you’ll likely find at Bunnings. Brands such as Scotch brand adhesives, Post-it stationary products and Scotchgard cleaning chemicals. 
Since moving to Australia six years ago, she’s turned her attention to the copywriting and content writing side of marketing.

She believes that everyone has a story to tell and customers are ready to listen.

And when it comes to copywriting, she has some easy to follow and practical advice for small business owners that you can start implementing right now.

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