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The black lives matter movement has highlighted for a lot of business owners that we can be doing more to ensure that we are being inclusive to all members of our vibrant and diverse communities.

And if you are like me and really want to do be doing more here but perhaps don't know where to start or how to implement the activity that leads to real change (no performative activism here please), then this chat with the gorgeous Moreen Kamau is for you.

Moreen is a digital marketing consultant and over the past few years, she has shared her passion for all things digital by empowering business owners to integrate digital marketing into their everyday pursuits.

As a proud Kenyan, Moreen believes in using the power of digital marketing to responsibly give a voice to important causes affecting BIPOC in Australia and minority groups across the World.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What it feels like to not be seen an acknowledged by brands
  • How small businesses can authentically incorporate more colour into their marketing
  • How small businesses can share the mic with the BIPOC community
  • The best way that small business owners can lead with inclusivity
  • The opportunities that await small businesses who chose to be more inclusive with the marketing efforts
  • How to react to any negative feedback that you may get
  • And much more.

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