How to use influencer to amplify your marketing message










Have you been wondering about how you can use social media a little more creatively? Do you have an appetite for extending your content marketing beyond the content that you publish via your own channels?

Well, dare I say it, but influencer marketing may be just the marketing tactic to explore!

Now, before you default to 'No, my product or service does not need to be sold by beautiful bikini babes on Instagram,' I encourage you to listen to this episode featuring influencer marketing specialist; Neal Schaffer.

Neal is a leading authority on helping businesses with digital marketing - including social media marketing strategy, influencer marketing, and social selling initiatives. 

He is the author of four books, the latest dedicated to the topic of influencer marketing. It’s called the Age of Influence.

Neal provides a perspective to influencer marketing that shows that this tactic has a far broader and more powerful scope than beautiful people on Instagram selling tanning lotion.

Influencer marketing can be used really effectively by B2B businesses AND for small businesses. As you will find out, there are in fact many influencers that we may be able to tap into, sitting right under our noses.

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