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Are you a curious, ambitious and motivated small business owner who really wants to know more about how you can best make marketing work for your business?

When it comes to growing your business, are you addicted to continuous improvement and professional development and constantly trying to work out how you can go the extra mile?

If you answer yes to any of the above, you are going to LOVE The How To Do Marketing Show with Jane Hillsdon.

Season 3 - Ep 18: How Mums & Co built a movement with Lucy Kippist and Carrie Kwan


Building a movement is not easy. It requires bucket loads of passion, some marketing and relationship building skills and most of all the ability to inspire a group of like-minded individuals to help you achieve your mission.

Here is how Mums & Co built their movement.

Show notes: Season 3; Ep 18

Season 3 - Ep 17: How, what and why we are doing business differently in 2022 

We are doing business differently in 2022. It’s our mission to put professional marketing on the agenda for every small business in regional Australia and I felt that the existing way that we were working with small businesses was not going to allow us to achieve this mission.

So I have a new plan, and you can hear all about it in this episode.

Show notes: Season 3; Ep 17

Season 3 - Ep 16: How to Build a Business By Networking and Building Connections 

Rachel Lang is one of the most impressive networkers I have ever met. Find out how Rachel has built an incredibly unique and successful travel business by simply connecting and building relationships with some of the most powerful and successful people in Japan.

Show notes: Season 3; Ep 16

Season 3 - Ep 15: Ten ways to measure the return on investment of sponsorship

In this episode to I share ten ways that you can easily measure whether your small business sponsorship is truly making an impact.

Show notes: Season 3; Ep 15

Season 3 - Ep 14: How a marketing plan has helped DONE Coffee to approach a new market with Stewie Clark


DONE Coffee is a coffee company based on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. Surfers by passion, their company has a relaxed vibe, but they are serious about the service that they provide for their customers.

In this episode I speak with owner and founder Stewie Clark about how a marketing plan has helped him plan to enter the retail market.

Show notes: Season 3; Ep 14

Season 3 - Ep 13: Five lessons learned from working with Influencers 

We’ve created a few Influencer marketing campaigns this year on behalf of an FMCG client and we have had so many learnings along the way. So, as part of our ‘How We Do Marketing’ season, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share these with you all.


Show notes: Season 3; Ep 13

Season 3 - Ep 12: Are you leveraging your free Google listing?


Do you know what your Google Listing is? And I’m not talking about your website listing on Google. I’m talking about your Google listing on Google. Find out why this digital asset is so important to your small business.

Show notes: Season 3, Ep 12

Season 3 - Ep 11: How To Develop a Leaders Mindset with Cathy Burke


Cathy Burke believes that leadership potential rests within every person, every community and every organisation. It just needs to be activated. Cathy works with people in organisations throughout the world to help them develop a leader's mindset.

In this episode, Cathy beautifully explains the role that mindset can play to help you lead a bigger life.

Show notes: Season 3; Ep 11

Season 3 - Ep 10: How To Communicate A Difficult Message


When emotions are running high about a topic, it is so important that you approach your communications with empathy, clarity and confidence. 

In this episode, I run through four things that you can do to ensure that your communications around a difficult message manage to deliver the news professionally and empathetically.

Show notes: Season 3; Ep 10

Season 3 - Ep 9: What you need to know about creating a best-practice small business website

Simon Bank from Webstudio sheds some light on some of the stuff that you may not know that you don’t know when it comes to building an excellent small business website.


Show notes S3, Ep9.

Season 3 - Ep 8: This is customer centricity – with Brad Butt, Managing Pharmacist and Founder of Men’s Health Down Under


In this episode, I talk to Brad about how his personal brand helps (and perhaps hinders) the growth of his business brands. Brad shares why he decided to add podcasting into his marketing mix. We discuss the merits of using LinkedIn as a social media channel and so much more.

Show notes: Season 3; Ep 8

Season 3 - Ep 7: The words your website needs to rank well on Google 

Your small business website is a crucial element of your marketing ecosystem. if it's not performing well, it could be leading to a mass of missed opportunity. In this episode, Lauren McAllister shares how the copy you use on your website either helps or hinders!

Show notes: Season 3; Ep 7

Season 3 - Ep 6: How using accountability can help you achieve your goals 

Nic McClanachan shares why being held accountable is such a powerful tool when it comes to helping us achieve goals and become the person that we wish to be. 

Show notes: Season 3, Ep 6 

Season 3 - Ep 5: Ten things you must know about your customer

Customer research is a non-negotiable in my marketing planning process. For every marketing plan that I develop, I ensure that we have gone out and asked our customers the right question in order to the insight that we need to effectively plan our marketing.

Show notes: Season 3; Ep 5

Season 3 - Ep 4: Ten measurements to tell if your marketing is working

Are you sick of never knowing if your marketing is actually working or not? And it if is working, how is it plugging into your business to help you achieve your overall business goals?

In this episode, I share my list of ten of the most common small business marketing measurements that you can track in order to tell if your marketing is working or not.
Show notes: Season 3; Ep 4

Season 3 - Ep 3: How we overcome the marketing challenges faced by small business

We love coming up with solutions to challenges. Over the years of running my marketing agency; Dragonfly Marketing, we have had the great pleasure of working with hundreds of small businesses. In this time we have noticed a lot of common challenges that small business owners face when it comes to marketing. In this episode, I share how we have solved them.
Show notes: Season 3; Ep 3

Season 3 - Ep 2: How to use Facebook Groups to engage with your audience

In this episode, I speak with Rebecca Bodman; Head of Community at Business Chicks, about how they use their Facebook Group successfully as an extension of their incredible brand.
Show notes: Season 3, Ep 2

Season 2 - Ep 19: Celia Harding on gaining media exposure

In this episode, Celia reveals the big opportunities that are available for small businesses wanting to utilise PR to get noticed in their market place. She shares some great PR tools and hacks and also warns of mistakes to avoid.

Show notes: Season 2; Ep 19

Season 2 - Ep 17: How to convert your marketing leads into sales with Kirsten Karbowiak

 In this episode, Kirsten shares her insight about how to ensure that you are not wasting a single cent of your marketing investment by looking after the leads that your marketing generates.
Show notes: Season 2; Ep 10

Season 2 - Ep 14: How to dress for success; with Vanessa Lawrence

In this episode I speak with the fabulous Vanessa Lawrence from The Style Vibe. Vanessa is a personal stylist who works predominantly with corporate and professional women to help them feel more confident and empowered within themselves by developing their personal style.
Show notes: Season 2; Ep 14

Season 2 - Ep 12: How marketing helped to increase Clinton Griffiths' revenue by 30%


In June last year, Clinton jumped on board with our How to do Marketing Academy. Since then he’s grown his revenue by 30% using a marketing system that allows him to have much more control over his own destiny than simply relying on word of mouth. Listen to this episode to find out exactly how he has achieved this.
Show notes: Season 2; Ep 12

Season 2 - Ep 10: Developing a content marketing plan that leverages your strengths with Leonie Cutts



In this episode, you’ll hear from Leonie Cutts about her transition from being really hesitant to invest in marketing, to now embracing the opportunity, having fun with it and having complete clarity about how what she is doing in this space, will ultimately affect her businesses bottom line.
Show notes: Season 2; Ep 10 

Season 2 - Ep 8: How Hilary O'Dwyer faced her marketing overwhelm head on

With a small budget and limited time to spend on her marketing, Hilary has been focusing on the marketing activity that will help her to become more visible online, including some killer content marketing which she is publishing out via LinkedIn. 

Show notes: Season 2; Ep8

Season 2 - Ep 4: How to write blog content that will get your website found on Google with Remi Audette

In this conversation we talk about the benefits of blog writing for small business. We cover off:

  • Why is it important for small business owners to consider blogging as part of their marketing activity
  • Should every business blog? 
  • What a best-practice blog post looks like. E.g. word count, structure, SEO considerations etc.
  • Where businesses typically go wrong with their blog writing or their website copy
  • How to write a blog post that will help build trust with a prospective customer
  • The link between search engine optimisation (SEO) and a business’s online website copy
  • Explanation of some of the technical terms relating to website copy 
  • What questions you ask a potential SEO provider if you are looking to outsource your SEO work

Show notes: Season 2; Ep 4

Season 1 - Ep 36: How to inspire your team to help amplify your marketing with Chris Wallace

If you were to ask any member of your team what your brand stood for, or who your perfect customer is or even what makes your business truly different to your competitors, would they know the answer? And more importantly, if you were to go and ask several of your team these same questions, would you get a consistent answer?

In this episode I chat to Chris Wallace, a marketing consultant who specialises in helping businesses communicate their brand story to their most important customer; their teams! 

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 36

Season 1 - Ep 35: All About Small Business Marketing Measurement with Kate Cook

In this episode we talk about the scope of marketing measurement, and the challenges and the opportunities that analysing data can bring to a small business.

This discussion will give you a good idea of what we are trying to achieve by measuring your marketing and some of the reasons that you should absolutely incorporate this into your small business operations. In fact; Kate recommends that you adopt documenting marketing measurement as seriously as you document your monthly accounting numbers. I couldn’t agree with this more!

We talk about how you can keep track of short term results that are driven by your marketing as well as how you can track longer term objectives such as marketing that is designed to build your brand. 

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 35

Season 1 - Ep 34: A beginner's guide to TikTok marketing

Find out all about how the world of TikTok marketing works with TikTok marketing expert; Anna Kloth. Show notes: Season 1; Ep34

Season 1 - Ep 33: How energy and passion drive amazing marketing results with Pip Brett from Jumbled Online

As Pip's business has evolved over the years, Pip has cleverly introduced different marketing channels and innovative approaches to her creative. And every time she does, she nails it! Pip has amassed over 126 thousand Instagram followers, she sends bi weekly emails, she produces a podcast, her website is amazing and she is also a huge fan of creating marketing and business partnerships.

In this episode she generously shares her approach to all of these marketing channels.

What I love most about Pip’s marketing content that she creates for Jumbled is how much energy and passion it exudes. It’s infectious. Pip also lets us in on how she manages to create this and how it has ultimately led to her building one of regional Australia’s best retail success stories.
Show notes: Season 1; Ep 33

Season 1 - Ep 32: Some Helpful Copywriting tips for Small Business Owners with Jody Carey

Marketing copywriter Jody Carey joins me today to share her top, very awesome tips for writing copy for some of the typical small business marketing touchpoints; websites, blogs, social media and video scripts.

Jody is a marketer turned copywriter who helps small businesses promote their brand through effective marketing content. 

Jody worked as a communications project manager at 3M in the United States where she was responsible for sales campaigns and product launches of international brands that you’ll likely find at Bunnings. Brands such as Scotch brand adhesives, Post-it stationary products and Scotchgard cleaning chemicals. 
Since moving to Australia six years ago, she’s turned her attention to the copywriting and content writing side of marketing.

She believes that everyone has a story to tell and customers are ready to listen.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 32

Season 1 - Ep 31: How to become a confident public speaker with Andrew Griffiths

In this episode, I speak with Andrew Griffiths, an Entrepreneurial Futurist and global presenter who specialises in helping entrepreneurs and business owners to future-proof themselves.
Show notes: Season 1; Ep31

Season 1 - Ep 30: The Power of Marketing to Mums with Katrina McCarter

Honestly, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone else that understands the consumer behaviour of Mums better than Katrina, so of course, she has an abundance of great information to share with you all in this chat.

We talk about the value of the Mum economy to businesses, how Mums are using social media and other technology. Katrina tells us what mistakes we can avoid when it comes to marketing to Mums and touches on some of the differences between Mums based in different locations around the world. Plus, one of Katrina’s latest research projects was around how Mums are feeling and what they are getting up to in isolation and she generously shares some of her key findings of her ISOMUMs report

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 30

Season 1 - Ep 29: How to nail your small business marketing content with Stacy Farrell

In this chat, Stace talks us through what makes compelling content, she provides a heads up on mistakes to avoid with your small business content and runs through the importance of ensuring that your content is optimised for search engine visibility (or SEO). She even shares a case study of an Aged Care provider who was able to achieve some great results by simply focusing on producing some great content marketing.
Show notes: Season 1; Ep 29

Season 1 - Ep 28: How events can really elevate your marketing and your business

In this episode, we speak with the CEO of Icon Corporate Events; Eyob Yesus. Eyob has been so busy this year working out how to transition his business from providing offline events to virtual events. Eyob has a career spanning more than 15 years in the events industry. He and his team at Icon Corporate events provide corporate event management services for businesses that want to deliver powerful, meaningful and engaging experiences to connect with people. 

In this chat, Eyob shares what events look like right now and how they will likely progress into the future. He shares how we can ensure that we are still leveraging events to achieve our marketing goals, even if we are executing these events online.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 28

Season 1 - Ep 27: What makes a small business E - Commerce website awesome?

In this episode we speak with ADMA award winning digital marketer, Megan Winter from Unstoppable E-Commerce. Megan’s superpower is creating awesome e-commerce websites. She is passionate about helping purpose-driven product-based businesses create wildly successful online stores. 

Megan shares some of her top tips for transitioning your offline store to an online store. She tells us what you need to do to create a wow-worthy website and reveals which metrics and measurements that small businesses should be monitoring regularly to ensure their e-commerce site is performing.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 27

Season 1 - Ep 26: How to get yourself a great looking, high performance website

Your small business website could be getting between 100 and 1000 people visiting it per week. They may have found your website via a search on Google. They could have come across to your site after seeing something you published on Facebook. Or they could have been to a BBQ on the weekend where their mate told them about one of the products that you sell.

So when those visitors get to your website, are you confident they'll understand what your business sells? Will they be inspired and energised from the moment that they land on your home page? Will they be able to tell what makes you different? Will they easily be able to find out how they can buy from you? 

Find out how and why creating a great looking and high performing website is a recommended investment for your small business in this episode featuring a very clever website designer; Jon Hollenberg.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 26 

Season 1 - Ep 25: A small business guide to Facebook Advertising with Karyn Parkinson

Facebook Advertising is an awesome tool for small business. It's hugely cost-effective and more importantly, it delivers results!

The trouble is, not a lot of small businesses know about it. While boosting your Facebook posts is one form of Facebook advertising, it's only a scratch on what's actually possible using the platform.

We use Facebook Advertising a lot, not only for our business but for our clients as well. Some of the outcomes that you can achieve with Facebook Ads, are to gain email subscribers, drive online sales and of course increase the awareness of, and the engagement with, your business.

In fact, I think you can pretty much achieve success at all levels of the marketing funnel using Facebook advertising.

To help tackle the Facebook Advertising topic is a fabulous Facebook Advertising expert; Karyn Parkinson.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 25 

Season 1 - Ep 24: How to take your magic to market with Sarah Andrews

Sarah Andrews has an incredible story with such a diverse background of experience, including a stint running her own marketing agency. But I want her to tell you that so please sit and listen to the incredible Sarah Andrews.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 24

Season 1 - Ep 23: How to trademark your brand with Binh Rey

In this episode I speak with Binh Rey; an Associate Trademark Attorney to learn how small business owners can protect their brand with a trademark.
Show notes: Season 1; Ep 23

Season 1 - Ep 22: It’s time you started to take LinkedIn more seriously

James is like a walking and talking social media fact machine. He literally knows everything about social media and boy-oh-boy does he share some nuggets in this interview so make sure you grab your pen and paper. 

Topics that we talk about include; which social media channels present what opportunities, the difference of results between posting videos on Facebook versus YouTube, why YouTube is a social media channel that may actually be a very relevant consideration for small businesses. We talk about the importance of diversification of your digital channels and what marketing objectives you can be achieving using the various channels.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 22

Season 1 - Ep 21: The importance of creating a personal brand with Emma Lovell

Through her business Lovelly Communications; Emma helps small business owners to better communicate their message and their mission to have a greater impact, reach more people and really make a difference in the world. She's passionate, professional and 'Lovelly'. Emma believes that each of us has a unique personal brand and by understanding how to share it, you can gain greater clarity, confidence and connections in work and life.

In this episode, Emma explains how creating a personal brand can amplify (or detract from) your business opportunities. 

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 21

Season 1 - Ep 20: How Printhie Winery is navigating COVID with clever marketing

Emily Swift joined her husband in their family business in 2018 as their Marketing Manager. Having worked as a strategic marketer in the agribusiness and utility sectors for over 20 years, she made the leap into small business, just in time to have to navigate possible one of the toughest years that the winery has faced.

In this interview with Em, we find out all about the world of wine marketing. We talk about the power of harnessing strategic local partnerships AND about how some quick thinking in the COVID crisis produced some amazing marketing results for Printhie Winery.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 20

Season 1 - Ep 19: How to use influencers to amplify your marketing message with Neal Schaffer

Have you been wondering about how you can use social media a little more creatively? Do you have an appetite for extending your content marketing beyond the content that you publish via your own channels?

Well, dare I say it, but influencer marketing may be just the marketing tactic to explore!

Now, before you default to 'No, my product or service does not need to be sold by beautiful bikini babes on Instagram,' I encourage you to listen to this episode featuring influencer marketing specialist; Neal Schaffer.

Neal is a leading authority on helping businesses with digital marketing - including social media marketing strategy, influencer marketing, and social selling initiatives. 

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 19

Season 1 - Ep 18: Search Engine Optimisation – what is it, why do we need it?

Sid is very passionate about how powerful SEO can be for small business and he has some fantastic insight to share into this marketing tactic.

We cover off: 

  • What SEO is and why is it important for small businesses
  • Exactly what’s involved with SEO
  • The difference between SEO and pay per click advertising (e.g. Google Ads)?
  • When a small business might need to consider SEO as one of their marketing tactics?
  • How long it can take to start seeing results from SEO
  • What to look for in an SEO agency and what questions you should ask an SEO provider before signing a contract with them.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 18

Season 1 - Ep 17: How to be more inclusive with your marketing with Moreen Kamau

In this episode we talk about:

  • What it feels like to not be seen an acknowledged by brands
  • How small businesses can authentically incorporate more colour into their marketing
  • How small businesses can share the mic with the BIPOC community
  • The best way that small business owners can lead with inclusivity
  • The opportunities that await small businesses who chose to be more inclusive with the marketing efforts
  • How to react to any negative feedback that you may get
  • And much more.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 17

Season 1 - Ep 16: How to become an industry thought leader with Nina Christian

In this interview, Nina talks about:

> Exactly what thought leadership is and why it is important 
> How to approach thought leadership as an introvert
> What kind of information is best practice to share as a thought leader
> How long it is likely to take before you start to see the benefits of your thought leadership efforts
> How to overcome some of the more common challenges that you may face with becoming a thought leader.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 16

Season 1 - Ep 15: How to promote your small business using Google Ads with Ilana Wechsler

Ever wondered how you can drive more traffic to your website?

Well, there are a whole bunch of ways, but one way of driving people with an intention to purchase the type of product or service that you sell is by using Google Search Ads.

Did you know that there are also Google Display ads (that show your ad on different media and other networks such as Sydney Morning Herald etc? 

Then there are YouTube ads and also Google shopping! So many ways. Which one do we choose. In this episode of the How to do Marketing Show, Ilana Wechsler runs us through:

  • The different types of Google advertising available to small businesses
  • When you would use the different types of Google ads
  • How to plan and measure your Google advertising
  • What mistakes to avoid
  • AND if you are outsourcing your Google Advertising - what to ensure that you ask your supplier to ensure that you are not getting ripped off.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 15 

Season 1 - Ep 14: How to get your small business to stand out in a crowded market with Nimarta Verma

How do you ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd? Is what you are currently promoting enough to differentiate yourself from businesses just like you?

Nimarta Verma joins us in this episode to talk to us about the importance of positioning your brand. All too often small businesses THINK that they are promoting themselves as a unique solution, when in fact they are not at all.

Nimarta shares some really practical and simple suggestions that you can follow to help you come up with a point of difference for your business. She also talks you through a five-step process that you can follow to define your small business brand. Yay!

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 14

Season 1 - Ep 13: How to create a winning podcast for your small business with Rachel Corbett

In this episode of The How to do Marketing Show Rachel shares all of her podcast knowledge and experience with us. We talk about:

> How to create content that your target audience will love to listen to
> How to grow your audience beyond your friends and family
> How often you should publish a podcast
> How many episode downloads you should be aiming for
> How to monetise your podcast

If you have ever thought about adding podcasting to help you to differentiate your brand, attract new audiences or to strengthen the relationship with your tribe, this is definitely an episode worth listening to.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 13

Season 1 - Ep 12: How to easily create professional marketing videos

When I asked the How to do Marketing Facebook Group if they had any questions for Cristian Trujillo before I interviewed him, there were plenty!

How long should our videos be?
What equipment do we need?
Is there a formula or framework for the content in the video?

Cristian answers all of these and also tells us:

> how to plan for your video production,
> what the three essential ingredients to a quality video are,
> how to bring out the best in the people that you get to star in your video

and much, much more.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 12

Season 1 - Ep 11: Get your product, place and pricing right and the promotion is so much easier

A beautiful product that fills a gap in the market is always going to be much easier to convince people to buy. Sarah Shepherd ensures that product is priced correctly and it is easy for your customer to get their hands on and it becomes even easier to influence people to not only buy the product, but to start talking about it.

When your product hits the spot with your customers in this way, the promotion (marketing and advertising) that you invest in to tell people about this product is going to be significantly more effective.

Conversely, if your product or service has not been created with your customer in mind, it is over or underpriced and hard for customers to get hold of, your marketing spend will be incredibly expensive and most likely largely ineffective.
Show notes: Season 1; Ep 11

Season 1 - Ep 10: How to create community engagement around poker machines and death!

In this episode, we are chatting with Simon Graham who sits on the Australian Marketing Institute NSW committee with me. And we explore the topic of community engagement.

Simon has more than 20 years of experience in the Marketing, Sales and Community Engagement. He headed up the marketing department for the Dooley’s Group of Clubs for twelve years.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 10

Season 1 - Ep 9: How customer feedback can affect your profit with Rob MacDougall

Customer research is more than just understanding how satisfied they are. If we truly turn the curiosity spotlight onto our customers, we can start to really understand what their pain points and desires are and how as a business we are able to position ourselves as a solution to those challenges and aspirations.

Customer research can also be used to help decide where to invest your marketing dollar by finding out what other alternatives your customer has and also where they spend time. No point investing in radio if you find out the majority of your customers don't listen to it!

Plus, my guest Rob MacDougall reveals how companies will see a marked increase or decrease in their bottom line when they pay attention to (or don't) to what their customers have to say.
Show notes: Season 1; Ep 9

Season 1 - Ep 8: Juicy email marketing tips; with Adam Franklin

Take a deep-dive into the world of email marketing and find out why it is one of the most powerful marketing activities that small businesses can do as I chat with Adam Franklin.
Show notes: Season 1; Ep 8

Season 1 - Ep 7: No more random acts of content with Zeina Khodr

The rates of consumption of social media (i.e. hours and hours of every day) has meant that a lot of small businesses have felt immense pressure to just get content out there to stay in the content race. Content for the sake of content.

In this episode, we are going to hear why that is not a good approach to your content marketing from the fabulous Zeina Khodr.
Show notes: Season 1; Ep 7

Season 1 - Ep 6: Creating regional marketing campaigns with Instagram with Holly Manning

In this episode, Holly shares some absolutely winning ideas about how to create clever marketing campaigns on Instagram. She gives some ace examples of what has worked for some of her regionally based small business clients (painters, vets, real estates agents) and how she has managed to move the talkability factor from online to offline.

If you are looking for some small business Insta inspo - this episode is definitely worth a listen!

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 6

Season 1 - Ep 5: Building websites that work with Ollie Brooke

Ollie has been helping small business owners build websites for years and honestly, the topic of websites is so huge we could publish a whole season of content specifically about this topic. And also, the importance of having a good website for your business can sometimes quite frankly be a bit overlooked!

So in this episode, I ask Ollie to explain the definition of a good website. And what are some of the biggest mistakes that he sees small business owners make with their website. What strategic considerations do we need to think about? And how do we measure if our website is performing in a way that adds value to our business.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 5

Season 1 - Ep 3: How community sponsorship can build a powerful brand with Alistair Flower

Flowery is very strategic about how he approaches his sponsorship opportunities. He sets clear objectives, he very actively manages the sponsorship deal and he measures like a ninja.

If you are a small business who wants to better leverage your community engagement or even a sporting organisation who wants to understand how a sponsor chooses where to invest - then I suggest you listen to this episode with Alistair Flower!

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 3

Season 1 - Ep 2: It’s time you started to take LinkedIn more seriously with Lucy Bingle

If you are a business to business (B2B), that wants to increase the visibility of you and your team, position your team as experts and build your business connections beyond your immediate network, then I think you should listen to what Lucy Bingle has to say in this episode of The How To Do Marketing Show.

Lucy explains why LinkedIn is sooo much more than a visible display of your resume. Instead, it is a marketing solutions platform that small business owners can use to tell their businesses story.

Lucy shares how you should use your business page on LinkedIn and then how you can really leverage your personal profile. She lists out the must-have elements of a truly, best-practice LinkedIn marketing post.

Show notes: Season 1; Ep 2