How to write blog content that will get your website found on Google



Publishing regular blog posts is a marketing tactic that can help you to achieve quite a few marketing objectives. Blog posts can position you as a thought-leader, they can build trust from prospective customers, they can help to demonstrate your expertise in a topic. 

And on a more functional side, when posted to your website, they can increase the chances of your business being found online when someone is searching for a solution that you offer!

So if this is a marketing tactic that you think might fit into your content marketing plans, then I’d suggest listening to this episode of The How to do Marketing Show, featuring Remi Audette.

Remi Audette is an SEO Copywriter and Content Marketer who loves breaking down the mystery behind SEO, and helps small businesses take control of their content so they can grow online.

In this conversation we talk about the benefits of blog writing for small business. We cover off:

  • Why is it important for small business owners to consider blogging as part of their marketing activity
  • Should every business blog? 
  • What a best-practice blog post looks like. E.g. word count, structure, SEO considerations etc.
  • Where businesses typically go wrong with their blog writing or their website copy
  • How to write a blog post that will help build trust with a prospective customer
  • The link between search engine optimisation (SEO) and a business’s online website copy
  • Explanation of some of the technical terms relating to website copy 
  • What questions you ask a potential SEO provider if you are looking to outsource your SEO work

If you would like to get in touch with Remi, you can find her here:




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