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From the moment I landed on this Instagram grid, I was captivated... The images alone just transported me immediately to the remote far west corner of Tasmania where this beautifully renovated little shack is located, Captain's Rest

I then learnt more about the owner, Sarah Andrews. Sarah purchased the shack years ago and transformed it into this magical space. And now, this remote little shack on the edge of the earth is one of the world’s most sought after Airbnb accommodation listings.

As a result of her success with Captain's Rest, Sarah soon had enquiries flooding in from other aspiring Airbnb providers, wanting to know how she created this amazing business.

Sarah now runs 'The Hosting Masterclass' showing people how to achieve this. And boy has she achieved some phenomenal results. 

She has an incredible story with such a diverse background of experience, including a stint running her own marketing agency. But I want her to tell you that so please sit and listen to the incredible Sarah Andrews.

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